Why You Will Never Get A Job In Windhoek

Why You Will Never Get A Job In Windhoek- To be honest with you: Nobody owes you a job. And, to make it worse, many job seekers in Windhoek (and Namibia at large) are faced with a perfect storm of barriers that never existed in the past.

You have to differentiate yourself from the flock. Consider this a wake-up call; consider it an opportunity. Because statistics show only a very small percentage of you will take any action. It’s your choice. It’s a new world with new rules, so you have to be ready to do new things.

Table of contents of Why You Will Never Get A Job In Windhoek

  1. High Competition
  2. You’re Lazy
  3. You’re Boring
  4. You Don’t Add Up
  5. You’re A Quitter
  6. Your CV Sucks
  7. The Aimless Search
  8. Bad Interviewing Habits
  9. Bad-Mouthing A Previous Employer
  10. Wearing Unprofessional Attire
  11. Forgetting to Follow Up

High Competition

I am sure you heard (or were even part) of the 7 195 applicants that showed up for 120 correctional service positions at the Windhoek correctional prison in late 2019. Interestingly, about 26 000 Namibians applied and only 7 195 were shortlisted.

It was a bloodbath! These figures are shocking but did you know that this is what happens almost every time you apply for a job in Windhoek.

There are over 300 000 unemployed people in Namibia and about 150 000 in Windhoek alone. So the next time you want to apply for a job ask yourself: How can I stand out?

Why You Will Never Get A Job In Windhoek
Some of the 7 195 Job seekers

You’re Lazy

The facts are clear: The vast majority of jobs are attained by some sort of active networking practice. Not by posting your CV online or applying for job after job. Yet, most people are not willing to do what it takes to establish and nurture (you don’t just make a connection and then magic happens) the right networks.

When I suggest people actually call companies to build a rapport with associates in order to seek referrals, they look at me like I’m crazy (that’s Why You Will Never Get A Job In Windhoek). But, that one additional step can mean the difference between having or not having network contacts, job referrals, insight, interview process feedback, and much more.

You’re Boring

Surveys of recruiters and Human Resource managers show the number one trait job seekers lack is high-energy. The bottom line is people want to be around other people who are upbeat, exciting and at the very least, energetic.

The perception is high-energy people are on the ball and exude confidence; low energy people are lazy, unmotivated, and no fun. Regardless of whether that is true or not, you had better have a gut check about your output.

And, I’m not just talking about the live interview where your handshake needs to be strong and secure (ladies included) and your voice confident and strong. During your phone interview, your energy is even more important because no one can see the bright expression of excitement that is hidden by technology.

The only way to portray confidence and high energy on the phone is to have the proper inflexion, tonality and great volume. After all, if you’re not excited about what you have to offer, why should anyone else be? PS – Please get some honest feedback from someone about how you sound.

You Don’t Add Up

Do you have anything to hide, have covered something up, or speak in half-truths or your CV doesn’t match what you say or what you wrote on your application? If any of those things are true, people will not trust you.

Be honest and be consistent. There are no perfect people in the world. In fact, the only people with no problems are well, dead people. What differentiates people is how they handle those problems. So, turn your past issues into opportunities. Employers are looking for solution providers so be one.

You’re A Quitter

Most people quit too soon. Studies show 81% of professional sales people take five calls to close a sale. But, a full 90% give up prior to making that critical fifth call (48% quit after the first call and another 24% quit after the second call).

I can think of a significant number of hires who scored the position just because they were the one who stayed front and centre with me. And, not just when I had a position open. No, these candidates made regular contact regardless of whether anything was available. And, you know the best part is?

I really appreciated those candidates staying top-of-mind with me. Why? Because it kept me from having to weed through hundreds of other candidates.

Your CV Sucks

Alright, I’ve reviewed more CV than I can count. Do you want to know the bottom line? Your CV can’t get you the job or interview but it can certainly lose it for you. Use this as a rule of thumb. Don’t make it too long, too complicated, or too messy. Here’s some very valuable information that will completely differentiate you from the rest of the world and you better have the right product for anyone to be interested. Dents, dings and scratches need not apply. 

Although your professional history may be so amazing that you want to share every piece of it, it’s important that you avoid creating a resume that stretches out too long. By focusing on related positions and highlighting the top moments in your career, you can easily reduce your resume to two or three pages.

The Aimless Search

If you’re sending out CVs without knowing what your ideal job is, you’re wasting your valuable time. So, before shipping off another application, be sure to sit down and define what type of job you’re looking for. This way, you’ll have a more focused search and can create a goal-oriented CV to match.

Bad Interviewing Habits

Do you have bad interviewing habits? In other words, do you assume you’re on a first-name basis with interviewers? Or do you slouch in your seat? If so, be sure to learn about appropriate body language and ways to address interviews so that you can always come across as a confident candidate with plenty to offer. Learn good interview tips here.

Bad-Mouthing A Previous Employer

Many interviewees get stuck with the question, “Why did you leave your previous employer?” While you may want to say that your previous boss was a jerk, this is not the time or place to mention it. So if you’re asked this question, just say you were looking for new opportunities to broaden your horizon.

Wearing Unprofessional Attire

When interviewing, company representatives are watching your every move, including how you’re dressed. If your attire is too casual, sexy, or plain outrageous, your amazing CV or interviewing skills may do little to get you hired.

Forgetting to Follow Up

Another mistake to avoid is not following up with an employer after your interview. To make sure you remain on the employer’s mind, send a follow-up e-mail of about three or four paragraphs that summarizes your skills, reiterates your eagerness to be hired, and thank the entire staff for their time.

“As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make mistakes when conducting your job search in Windhoek. The good news is that these mistakes are avoidable if you are aware of them. By following the tips above, you’ll find job search success in no time!”

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  1. An Electrical graduate engineer from NUST who is actively in search and open for new opportunities in the electrical/electronic field. Having experience in reticulations and solar systems. Kindly share my next employer might be on your timeline. Thank you. E: marthampingana@gmail.com

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    I am looking for a job, internship, I am also willing to volunteer, I am having a honours degree in finance management and I have 3 years experience as a financial officer.

  5. Good day, i am looking for job as Driver , i have C1 code + Five years driving experience now. I have Grade 12. I am in Windhoek.

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