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Starting a T-shirt Brand Business In Namibia With No Money

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Starting a T-shirt Brand Business In Namibia With No Money – With Namibia’s unemployment rate of over 33% being worsened by the current Pandemic, Many Namibians are now looking for easier ways to make a little cash for the remainder of the Pandemic or as a primary source of income to sustain their livelihoods.

In this article, I am going to share with you Easy Ways To Start A Small Business In Namibia With No Money. I will include simple steps to guide you. I will also include examples of real Namibians that are currently running such businesses with much success.

This article is part of a series of informative articles that will help you start a small business at home with no money.

Creating a T-shirt brand business

  • Capital required: N$ 0
  • Skills Required: None
  • Potential Profit: N$ Unlimited
  • Profit Margin: 50 – 250%
  • Risk: 0%
  • Special Requirements: You should know a lot of people either in person or on social media to be your initial customers.

How it works

Printing brands on t-shirts, shorts, hoodies e.t.c has been a profitable business in Namibia. It’s a simple concept. You create a design or logo, You place it on a t-shirt and then you sell it. You can make a lot of profit with this business model if you have a lot of friends or you are a bit popular or if you simply create a brand that resonates with many people.

Take “black excellence” for example. It became a very popular brand and made the owners a fortune because it connected with the black community.

Another example is “Twin Power”, These twin brother’s created a brand for twins but it quickly became popular all around Namibia.

Ees the Namibian musician created the “Nam Flava” sneakers. He took ordinary plain sneakers and added a Namibian flag on them. Now those sneakers are selling like hot vetkoeks in every Cymot store around Namibia.

The nam flava Sneakers

Don’t even get me started with Zulu who managed to sell “Gweri Socks” in Nictus stores in Namibia.

How to do it with no money

Step 1: Design your logo or brand art with Canva. Canva is a free platform that allows you to create amazing designs. You can also sign up for the pro version if you want to create more professional designs.

Step 2: Use a T-shirt mock-up website like Place It to see how your design looks on T-shirt. You can then download your mock-ups and use them to promote your brand on social media.

t-shirt mock-up example

Step 3: Once you get an order, ask for the customer’s exact size and a 50% deposit.

Step 4: When you receive your deposit, Go to a wholesale company that sells cheap plain quality T-shirts for N$ 50 or less. Windhoek residents can buy quality t-shirts from Dinapama Manufacturing & Supplies for as little as N$ 30.

Step 5: Search for a T-shirt printing business and print your T-shirt. T-shirt printing is relatively cheap. It can be as low as N$ 25 per t-shirt and you can get great discounts if you are printing many t-shirts at once.

Step 6: Deliver your customer’s printed t-shirt and receive the remaining 50%. It’s that simple.

Now let’s do some maths. Let’s assume that you will sell your t-shirts for N$ 150. You will receive a deposit of N$ 75 (50% of 150). Then you spend N$ 55 on the t-shirt and printing (N$ 30 for the t-shirt and N$ 25 for printing). You deliver the shirt and a get the remaining N$ 75. You would have made a profit of N$ 95 on one t-shirt. That is a massive 172% profit margin. If you manage to sell 30 t-shirts in one month then you can make as much as N$ 4 500 in revenue or N$ 2 850 net profit.

You can also print shorts

Now that’s easy money if you ask me. You may even be able to sell hundreds of t-shirts per month if you put your mind to it.

Thank you for reading this article until the end, If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. I will answer every question asked.


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