Risk Officer

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Introduction Responsible for supporting all loss prevention, safety, and security initiatives designed to safeguard company assets, stock, and personnel.
Job Functions Identifying, measuring, managing, and reporting risks, helping improve processes to better evaluate business-specific risk
Industries FMCG, Distribution & Logistics
  1. Specific Objectives1.1 Manage and mitigate the risk of a stock, cash, and fuel being stolen.
    1.2 Track all trucks and act immediately if; Trucks are deviating from the planned route/ Make/ unplanned stops/ Stay longer than planned at a scheduled stop.
    1.3 Ensure that truck drivers adhere to a company policy aimed at reducing risk.
    1.4 Do random checks at loads that depart the depot.
    1.5 Visit sites unexpectedly where deliveries are being made to ensure all delivery protocols are followed.
    1.6 Investigation & implementation of corrective and preventive actions on all incidents and near misses.
    1.7 Support Site Supervisor to investigate external stock and cash shortages.
    1.8 Manage awareness programs and proactive training for all risk-related matters to staff.
  2. Documentation accuracy

    2.1 Inspect that all truck checklist is complete and signed.
    2.2 Implementation of control systems to ensure all incidents are documented, investigated and preventive actions are implemented
    2.3 Inspect that all truck checklist is complete and signed.
    2.4 Ensure that cash that is banked by the driver correlates to the documentation.
    2.5 Inspect all applicable work documents, including stock transfer orders (STOs), pallet slips, invoices, and cargo manifests for completeness and ensure that the driver’s full names and signatures are present.
    2.6 Check driver license and PDP expiry.
  3. Returns Fully Received & Recorded3.1 It is essential to pay undivided attention to trucks returning from the market to ensure that returned stock matches the documentation.
    3.2 Record and report cash and stock shortages (Driver feedback report).
  4. Monitor & Reporting

4.1 Identify drivers who have a conflict of interest such as a business on the side.
4.2 Monitor staff to prevent any misconduct that can cause damage/losses.
4.3 Be aware of and immediately report syndicates operating in the market and assist to mitigate the risk of being robbed/bribed.
4.4 Monitor fuel consumption of trucks and assist to prevent theft of fuel.
4.5 Immediately report errors and omissions by staff.
4.6 Monitor truck delivery and turn-around times.
4.7 Track all trucks with special focus and attention on cash pick-ups.

  • Grade 12 certificate
  • Code B driver’s license
  • At least 5 years’ experience in security/ risk management, preferably in retail (FMCG) or distribution sectors

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