4x Cleaners (Grade 15)

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Directorate of Education ||Kharas

4x Cleaners (Grade 15)

  • 1x Lordsville Hostel No. 2, Lordsville Junior Secondary School (Karasburg)
  • 1x Ernst Jager Combined School (Karasburg)
  • 1x Noordoewer Secondary School (Noordoewer)
  • 1x Dennehof Girls Hostel, Karasburg Combined School (Karasburg)

The candidate must be able to read, write and communicate in English.

 Each post must be completed on a separate application form for employment.
Complete application forms for employment (156043) and Health Questionnaire (156094) and must attach the following original certified documents Namibian ID, CV, Educational Qualifications (if available). Failure to attach a CV and Namibian ID original certified and to complete all items on the application forms will lead to automatic disqualification.

To apply for this job please visit