Job Interview Tips

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Job Interview Tips

Before the interview

• Research the company and its products. It’s also good to research the industry and the competition.

• Prepare your 30-second personal pitch.

• List questions to ask the interviewer.

• Prepare your interview answers. Do a mock interview.

• List the qualities you possess that fit the job requirements – have examples of each.

• Look at the required skills and think of real-life situations where you used these skills.

During the interview

• Arrive 15 minutes before your interview.

• Announce yourself to the receptionist in a professional manner.

• Stand and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake.

Job Interview Tips
How to shake the interviewer’s hand

• Smile and maintain eye contact.

• Learn what you can about the company.

• Try to focus on the points you have prepared without sounding stiff – have a general guideline on practical examples, but do not practice wrote answers.

• Listen to the questions being asked and always trying to engage the interviewer.

• Ask questions and listen carefully, ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you do not understand.

• At the end, thank the interviewer and inquire about the next step.

• Thank the interviewer and inquire about any information you want to know.

• Ask for a business card or contact details so you can send a follow-up letter.


• Be confident

• Be yourself

• Every interview is a learning experience

• The interviewers are just people

• Practice makes perfect

• Breathe

• Relax

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  2. I like working under pressure and I’m kindly needs to work to support my family ,I’m having valid certificate of grade 12,i will be thankful

  3. I like working under pressure night shift or day shift .i want to surport my famly

  4. I’m not working but I was working before I want to support my mom because she dnt work

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