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How You Can Earn N$ 9 000 Per Month From A Mobile Car Wash Business in Namibia

How You Can Make N$ 9 000 Per Month From A Mobile Car Wash Business in Namibia.

Many unemployed Namibian youths find it hard to make ends meet. The situation has now been intensified by the current pandemic. They do not realize that starting a simple and profitable business is not hard or costly.

In this article, I am going to share with you how to start a simple car-wash business in Namibia with as little as N$ 500. I will include simple steps to guide you. I will also include examples of real Namibians that are currently running such businesses with much success.

This article is part of a series of informative articles that will help you start a small business at home with between N$ 500 to N$ 5 000 as start-up capital.

Starting a car-wash business

  • Capital required: About N$ 500
  • Skills Required: Cleaning cars
  • Potential Profit: N$ Unlimited
  • Profit Margin: 200% – 2000%
  • Risks: None
  • Special Requirements: You should know how to persuade potential customers. You should be physically fit. You should know how to wash a car fast without compromising on quality.

How it works

Many municipalities around the country have shut down car-wash facilities because they waste a large amount of water and deteriorate tarred/bitumen road surfaces. This is the perfect opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to solve the problem.

Mobile Car Wash2
Waste of precious water…

All you have to do is to purchase a few supplies, look for a parking area in your town where cars are usually parked for more than 5 minutes.

Start your car-wash business and start earning your fortune.

How to do it with N$ 500

Step 1: Look for an area where many cars are usually parked for more than 5 minutes such as shopping mall parking lots, office building parking lots, school parking lots e.t.c.

Step 2: Once you have identified an ideal site to conduct business, Contact the person/people responsible for the site and ask for permission to start your car-washing business there. Explain to them that you will need to use their water but only in small quantities.

This is because you will be using buckets instead of a water-hose and you will only be whipping the cars clean instead of pouring large quantities of water on them. Re-assure them that you will be of no inconvenience to their customers in any manner.

This is a very important step and should not be skipped under any cercumstances.

Step 3: If you are given the green light to start operations, visit your favourite convenience store and purchase your tools.

These include:

  • Soap (for cars obviously)
  • 2 water buckets
  • A car sponge
  • At least 2 washcloths
  • Tyre wax
  • Microfiber cloth for the windows
  • Car brush
Mobile Car Wash1
All you need!

All these items can be purchased for less than 500 Namibian dollars.

Step 4: Gather your tools every morning (As early as 6 am) and clean as many cars as possible. Be polite to customers and try to retain as many customers as possible, so that they always come to you when their car needs a quick clean. Leave an impression on every car that you clean. Make sure that it is squeaky clean before you move on to the next one.

Let’s do the maths

Let me show you how much money you can make from this very simple and easy business model.

Let’s say you can wash a minimum of 10 cars per day. That is a very reachable goal, even a lazy person can clean more than 10 cars a day. But let’s use 10 as an example anyways, just to prove my point.

Let’s also assume you charge N$ 30 for every car you wash. You will obviously charge higher for pick-up trucks(bakkies) and SUVs. But let’s assume its N$ 30 per any type of vehicle.

That would be 10 (number of cars washed per day) x N$ 30 = N$ 300 per day. Now let’s take that N$ 300 x 30 days (average days in a month) = N$ 9 000.

That is a profit of N$ 8 500 (N$ 9 000 – N$ 500 capital) per month.

Well is that not awesome? You can earn so much more depending on how much effort and expertise you put in to your work.

I have seen this business model used by some young people and it is great. For those of you who live in or around Windhoek, you must have seen some guys that operate this kind of business in Wernhil park’s parking lot. Now you know how much they actually make from that arguably simple business.

I hope you have learned something today and will apply your knowledge in the near future to reduce unemployment in our beautiful country.

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